Monday, 15 January 2018

D&D 5e: Dungeon Walls

I have been experimenting recently with an alternative method of creating dungeon floor plans other than the tiles I made right at the very beginning of this blog. 

Also I was looking to create a smaller more portable set of dungeon terrain that would all fit in one small box and be easy to carry.

Three inch lengths. One inch high.

 Six inch lengths.

Small room.

Dungeon doorway, both sides.

Different shaped rooms from same group of walls.

Corridors can be created as well.

Some furniture really brings the walls to life.

I have made or am in the process of making:
12 @ 1" square
12 @ 1 1/2"
12 @ 3"
20 @ 6"
12 @ 12"

The inspiration for this came from DM Scotty and his tile system, check it out here.

Just made from an old box covered in sand basically.

As you may have noticed I haven't posted in a week this is because I have been working with Luke and really haven't had much time. I will post some pictures of what we have been making later in the week. Bare with me I'm not giving up blogging, just lacking time at the moment.

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