Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Saga: The Irish are on the warpath

A little while ago I bought an Irish warband from Footsore Miniatures, they really appealed to me as the models are all individual, then I noticed some hounds for sale on Ebay and now have a 5 point list developing. (not all the hounds are individual)

Started to put them together and here I am so far. Still a way to go.

Non of the models come with bases, so I got down to cutting my own.

Warhounds, which count as warriors.


The whole warband, all their bases made and built up ready to be undercoated.


Warriors. Luckily I had a load of spears left over from my GB Vikings box set otherwise they would be like the undercoated figure at the rear with wire spear.





The whole warband all ready to be undercoated. Next month sees the release of the new Saga rules and I am looking forward to getting my hands on those.

Lastly, I'm going to create my slingers, levi, from some left over Foundry Greeks. Here's my first attempt. Should take the list to 6 points in total.

I added, the sling, too large presently, his extra hair, still needs more adding to the front, and I added a bag for his ammunition.

Still looks too Greek or even Egyptian at the moment. This will be the last unit I make for a while.

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