Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Rogue Trooper Catachan

Looking in my loft space the other day I came across a plastic box of Catachans and thought, "I must do something with these some day."

Then I went to the WWarriors Club on Monday to play KOW with Steve and a lot of the fellas there were playing 40K and we started chatting, that started me thinking.

When I got home I went and rescued this sergeant miniature and decided to paint it, then I remembered one of my favourite characters from 2000AD, namely, Rogue Trooper.

The genetic warrior fighting a one man war as his platoon and friends had all been slaughtered. It gave me the impetus to start painting. 

I plan to have a whole army of blue genetic warriors and I have plenty to go at, the box is over flowing.

First target is to get a 10 man squad painted. Will post when the first 5 are complete :-)

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