Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Cathedral from Puppet Wars

This is the gorgeous model Cathedral from Puppet Wars which Luke and I are going to use as a centre piece on a Saga board we are building.

In fact this is a mix of parts sent to us by Puppet Wars, both ruined and non ruined parts which we are making even more ruined. Most of my time yesterday was spent ruining the cathedral even more.

The shots above are of the parts already ruined and what follows are the bits I have worked on.

The removed bits below.

Splitting the roof panel.

After a conflab we decided what we needed was to add some further beams to suggest further damage which Luke can give a burnt look to.

I used 5 and 3 mm Foamex to create the timbers.

Today we will glue the roof in place, but leave the central section so it can be removed.

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