Sunday, 3 June 2018

KOW: Twilight Kin 1000 pts

I gathered up all the broken bits I had set aside for Mrs Daxio's Twighlight Kin 1000 point army, after one of the cats had demolished the box they were in; got them all stuck back together and rebased for Kings of War.

She has:
Horde of Crossbows
Horde of Abyssal Riders
Regiment of Darkside Chariots
Bolt Thrower
Dark Lord of a Black Pegasus
High Priestess of the Abyss- Bane Chant and the Inspiring Talisman.

I am considering repainting the flesh to give it a bluer colder hue.

The Bolt Thrower needs a new base.

The chariots have the most work to be done, but I have an ingenious idea which I will share another time :-)

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