Wednesday, 13 June 2018

D&D 5e: Yulmanda's Druid Spell Cards

If you have been catching my Blog for long you will know I occasionally draw and often like to make home made cards to play all sorts of games with.

Here are the spell cards and how I made them for Mrs Daxio's D&D character the Druid Yulmanda.

Starts with A4 card from the Range.

Quarter it.

I used another to get size, player card size so goes in Dragon Shield cover.

Cut and fold.

Cut out the edges to suggest a spell book....ish

Write out info, leaving out some unnecessary definite articles etc.

Writing the description is the hardest part of the process and my least favourite bit, but they are all done.

Finally an quick lick of wash round the edges to give a bit of colour and they are done.

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