Friday, 8 June 2018

Gaslands: Zombie Bash

This week Luke, Dan, Steve and Fran got together to play the Zombie Bash scenario from the Gaslands book and much fun was had. I was busy playing a one off game of Necromunda, but took some pictures and sat in on the end of the game.

In Zombie Bash I believe you have to collect Zombies by landing next or on them at the end of your move. Dan proved to be a master of the Zombie capture, grabbing a right haul, see bottom of lower picture to see how many.

In the end Fran used a Thumper to for one of Dan's and Steve's cars off the board, while Dan stormed into one of Luke's prison vehicles, wrecking them both.

Dan's Buggy eyeing up Luke's prison car. 

In the final moments I think that only Fran had any vehicles on the table, but Dan had collected far more Zombies and was declared the winner. Also. it seems from messages I have seen today that the Thumper may have been deployed some what erroneously, who cares, they had fun and it was a genuine mistake :-)

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