Monday, 18 June 2018

KOW: Twilight Kin 1000 pts Complete

The Twighlight Kin army I have been working on for Mrs Daxio is almost done, a few bits need doing, but on the whole they are ready to hit the battlefield.

The skin tone is not finished quite yet, am not entirely happy with it.

A horde of Abyssal riders, slow for cavalry but lots of attacks.

A regiment of Darkscythe Chariots.

Lots of scratch built stuff here, enjoyed creating this model.

Bolt thrower.

A horde of Crossbow women.

A High Priestess of the Abyss.

A Dark Lord on a Black Pegasus.

The whole 1000 point force.

What else have I to do? Well I think that all the skin needs a black wash over it to give some detail back to it, and the Dark Pegasus needs its wings finishing off, some of it is unpainted.

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