Wednesday, 27 March 2019

D&D: Challenge Update 7

Next instalment of  models painted for my son, Reaper barbarian, looking very yellow in this light, an undisclosed mini from Ebay and a Tiefling Warlock from WotWC.

The poor Tiefling didn't do so well in the cat attack, losing one of her horns, but to be honest nothing could help her as Wizards forgot to give her any features to her face. The Howard Moon of the D&D world if you like :-)

I think the painting reflects how little I liked the Tiefling, looking at it now the bases misses the mark and she appears to be turned away in disgust. The fella with the huge hammer I like :-)


  1. They all look great. Nice work Darryl

  2. The barbarian and fighter are really good.
    Unfortunately the same can't be said about the tiefling, I think it's just not the best sculpt.

    1. I agree Wouter, but I don't think I helped as I didn't like the model from the off, so I think my care setting was pitched very low.