Thursday, 14 March 2019

Wagon Train, the start of.

I seem to have had a whole series of games where wagons were crucial to the plot and first I could not find my original model, made quite a while back now, and then I realised one was not enough.

So last week I set about creating another 2 to complete the set. I think the pictures pretty much say it all, the wheels are always the part that take the longest and are the least fun, so I got them done early on.

The actual wagons were based on the one I made earlier, it seemed to work OK, so why change it.

I have some toy cows to use as pack animals. probably a bit large but close enough and very cheap.

I have some GS work to do to strengthen joins, especially the wheels, but then its just painting, which is simple enough.

I used wood glue for some parts, superglue for others when I needed something glued immediately and when I put the wheels on the cart, not done yet, I will sprinkle Bi-carb over the superglue join to strengthen it. If you're not aware it creates and chemical change in the glue which sets hard immediately, the Bi-carb forming a solid with the superglue. Pictures when I post about this next.


  1. Those are going to look great once finished!!

  2. Ta Riot much appreciated, will get them painted soon :-)

  3. Nice build! Not sure about the wheels though, it can't be that comfortabel to have these on your wagon. Why didn't you just leave them round?

    1. Odd aren't they? I think its a throw back to when I made some Ork warbuggies about 15 years ago. Whenever I construct a wheel it has to have the lumps, terrible habit to have got into. Perhaps this is the time to remove them!

    2. I think the wheels will look better and more realistic without the lumps :).

    3. Ended up adding more to fill out the outer wheel so they looked more substantial, will post when painted now.