Friday, 29 March 2019

D&D: Outsiders Warehouse Base, Luskan

This is a drawing I recently made for our D&D group, its a map of the Warehouse base in Luskan. Often the starting place for many of the Outsider adventures. Its split over three floors, the upper floor being the outside tower top.
The boards below are the way I designed the warehouse, then I made the plan above based on the model. At some point in the future we may have to use it in a scenario.

The ground floor.

The compound isn't shown on the model version or the covered stables. Something for me to make in the future.

The First Floor.

The Second Floor.

Close ups of the first and second floors.

Complete first and second floor.


  1. That looks ace man. Absolutely ace!!

  2. Cheers Riot, am in middle of putting together all the bits of furniture I need to make the model work, will post when done :-)

  3. This is brilliant, it looks so good.