Thursday 9 October 2014

INQ/Quest Walls far

I have been working on the walls that I have designed for INQ/Quest, or whatever it ends up being called. This assumes I get round to creating rules and cards in-order to play. But I have lots of ideas.

Here are all the walls I have made so far, plus I found a Necromunda doorway which seemed to fit nicely so I repainted it and added it in. I have made 6" lengths, 3" lengths and the doors which are 3" too. I may make some right angle pieces, but not sure. I like the fact that these can all be packed away very easily, building lots of corners or T junctions could spoil that.

The next stage has begun, last night I cut enough foam board to create 16 more 6" lengths and 20 more 3" lengths. That should be enough. It gives me 24 of each.

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