Thursday 23 October 2014

Inquisitor Card- First Attempt

This is my first attempt at creating a Warhammer Quest type Data card for an Inquisitor character.

I really can't emphasize enough that this is for my own fun, I don't think its fantastic and if I was really going to make this card it would have to be on a computer with a photo of a character rather than my rather naf drawing. Also I am not trying to infringe upon the conceptual rights of Games Workshop.

Also, I might well decide to alter some of the skills, levels or equipment of the Inquisitor, so this really is a first stab in the dark and not a finished item. Something I would use with friends and be prepared to be laughed at for and then have to change or cause me to hide away in a darkened room until I had begged for forgiveness.

Also, it has no colour at all, which it would have to have.

I do this sort of thing because, I like too, and, because I get fed up making models all the time. This summer while I was away on holiday I realised how much I had missed drawing, so this is therapy too. (Big silly grin)

The other thing I've learnt from this is, if I was to draw any more of these, then I would need a thinner Pilot pen, the one I have is really good for lettering but let me down when I came to the drawing.
If I continue on from this the next cards will be: Rogue Trader, Guard Veteran, Fanatic, Desperado, Arco-Flagellant. That should give me a good starting point.

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