Thursday 16 October 2014

Necrozone Buildings

Last night I completed the second building that goes with the terrain board I made for Necromunda/Deadzone/City Quest and anything else I fancy playing on it. Here are some pictures off the actual board. I feel that sometimes pictures taken off the relevant background can show them up better than in situ. Sometimes I don't.

These are all made from foam board and off cuts of card etc, mainly cereal packet card for the small details. Painted with ordinary small tester pots of emulsion- these are so cheap in comparison with GW paints. But then GW paints are far better quality and meant for miniatures.

So with these two buildings done, it means the board is now complete. My next Sci-Fi project is to carry on working on the walls for the "Quest in Space" game and to make sure that all the components work together well on the board. This will take some time, so don't hold your breath.

I couldn't resist playing about with some of the terrain I have so far. In these pictures I've combined Deadzone/Necromunda terrin with the walls/doors I have made for what I am calling "Redemption" at the moment.

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