Wednesday 1 October 2014


I have my fingers, creatively speaking, in about half a dozen different pies at the moment. Non of them have come to completion, but when they do I will be posting photos and any notes that come with them.

One thing I have been running along in the background now for quite some time, but haven't posted about is the Hordes, circle army I have been putting together. I have played Hordes about 6 times and not recently, but love the feel of the game and the designs.

However being a bear of very little means I have modeled all the figures from left over bits or cheap stuff from Ebay. Non are the proper models.

I have made quite a bit of terrain too for both WFB and Quest which will be complete by the weekend I think, again, some of which is Hordes orientated.

Anyway, watch this space.

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