Tuesday 10 February 2015

Chaos Dwarf: Black Orcs

Yesterday I sat down and resumed my February challenge, to make and paint all the Chaos Dwarf models I have. So I got stuck into the Black Orcs, and with only 10 needed it didn't take that long really.

A long time ago I bid for about 60 old plastic Black Orcs and won them for about £15 + P&P, many of them had bits missing and others were part painted, poorly. I have used about 40 to make into a Black Orc horde for WFB but the rest have been kicking about in a chocolate biscuit box for a few years.

Here are the 10 I have painted to fit in with the Chaos Dwarfs, Every one has been altered in some way, weapon swaps and arm moves mainly, just to make them look a bit different. I cut all their horns short, partly when I removed their arms but also because I'm not a fan of the long "Horn".

The Blunderbusses are on the way.

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