Thursday 19 February 2015

Five Parsecs: Pirates!

You will have seen these figures in the first mission of the crew of the SS Sulimann, they are, I believe, Orc models from the Gorkamorka game GW released a long time ago now. I never owned the game, these models came to me in a box of models that were going to be thrown away. I have been sitting on them for 5 years or so, great to see them finally put to use.

These are the first 4, I also have another 6 in the pipeline. I sort of took the colour scheme from a 2000AD character named Pulger, a psychotic lunatic who knocked around with DR and Quinch.

The inspiration, 2000AD, a comic I bought in 70's. Thank you Alan Moore and Alan Davis.


  1. Always thought old ork mini's could come in handy for all sorts of interesting characters. As an aside the "Hulker" character type is 100% intended as a "space ork" :)

  2. Cheers for heads up, I have a fistful of 40K orks and will use then as Hulkers. I enjoy re-using old models, swapped about for else where. :-)