Wednesday 11 February 2015

Chaos Dwarf: Blunderbusses

I love only having to paint a small number of models for quest, so much more fun than painting 40 of something for WFB. These are my Blunderbusses, made from a strange mixture of Dwarf left overs, the guns, poorly cast Chaos Dwarf Warrior bodies, lots of Milliput some card and some pencils!

These are not the best modelled conversions, but they were very cheap. Although at times I wasn't actually sure they would get to the painting stage. Specifically it was the right arm that caused all the worries, ordinary dwarf arms from thunderers are a lot smaller that the Chaos Dwarf arms.

But I will live with the results, a little lumpy in places but serviceable, as long as you don't look too hard.

Hobgoblins are next, but since I have to put them together from bits and pieces could be a while.
Still am doing quite well with the challenge so far.

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