Saturday 21 February 2015

Five Parsecs: Unity Trooper

Had a go at putting my idea of what a Unity trooper might look like together. Basically its a GW Marine with a new head made from a Christmas bead with a couple of bands round the neck and collar and a back pack made from green stuff.

Possibly a bit grey, but I wanted to give them the look of an uncaring bureaucratic force crushing the poor downtrodden masses beneath their mechanized, corporate jack boots! (Few, glad I got that off my chest!)

Might add some wire from the front to back over one shoulder on the next one, will see.

Unity trooper with Junke, to give a size comparison, thought the unity trooper would be larger.


  1. Dig the metal look (both literally and figuratively, he looks like he stepped off a Hammerfall album cover :) )

    The faceless helmet looks great and I honestly didn't catch that it was a space marine at first.
    I'd probably remove the eagle from the gun but it works either way.

    As for how fascist Unity is, that's up to the players. Some play up the "evil empire" parts while others make them more "crude but well meaning on a galactic scale". It's meant to be pretty flexible.

    I have an idea in my head for a "Unity Squad Leader" supplement in some future, with absurd mission objectives, bureaucratic mishaps and whatnot. We'll see.

    1. Yep, looking at him I recon the bird really should be removed, perhaps make the gun a little chunkier.