Monday 23 February 2015

Mission Two: Five Parsecs

Sitting around in the lounge of the local space port on Dubhe 0403 drinking Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters is only fun for a relatively, according to Einstein, short while. It was somewhat eclipsed by the sudden rattle of gun fire from outside...
Mission Two 
It would seem the Pirate group that had been so roundly dealt with out at the farm were looking for a bit of pay back or perhaps felt they needed recompense, to the tune of one shuttle craft. Either way it wasn't something Junke was about to agree with, especially since poor Kassel Leach was still plugged into every surgical devise they had aboard. At least he was stable and would reach The Sullimann in time. So, more Pirates, lets hope they're tougher than their friends...

The space port: Dubhe Central

The pirates go into stealth mode.

The crew keep watch and patrol.

After 2 turns the Pirates have closed to within a few feet.

Vassily is surrounded on both sides.

More Pirates hold back.

Shots from Kratoom and Jazz make the 2 Pirates bail.

Vassily quickly despatches the Pirate who had foolishly charged him.

Kratoom is wounded, but his Resistance ability nulifies the pain. 

A Pirate pops out from behind cover and shoots Vassily down.

Junke sprints forward and rends arms and splits skulls, the Pirate sinks to the floor.

But then is fired upon and flinches, scurrying for cover.

Jazz Maskil keeps an eagle eye open on the Pirates below.

Desparate the Pirate steps out to gun Junke down. He misses.

Junke steps forward, her Glare sword flashes and the Pirate dies.

Junke surveys the killing field, amazed that the crew have survived.

Kassel will still have to miss another 5 turns but he is now aboard the Sulimann, safe.
Vassily was fine although he does now sport some dramatic scars. All the crew were more than happy to return to their ship and to think about travelling to Sarin, their next destination.
As this was not a normal mission the crew received no loot from the confrontation.
But it would seem the Pirates are now hostile to the crew and will be hunting them.


  1. Pretty brutal fight!
    Is the building made out of old Necromunda bulkheads or where did they come from? Looks great.

    1. The Pirates all seemed to want to die in the same small patch of earth!
      The bulk heads are based on Necromunda ones, same size, but all hand made by me, along with the walls and the crates. The building recently got remodelled so it would work with Deadzone by Mantic, but its been used first in a game of Five Parsecs :-)