Monday 13 July 2015

Alien Trees/Shrub

Depends on the scale of the models I suppose. I have used these in Five Parsecs, but recently all the plastic red tree bits fell off of the bases and to be honest I didn't like the way they were attached anyway so I have had a go at re-working them. I only have 7 of these bases at the moment but can see myself making some more.

So what have I done, well firstly I cleaned up the plastic bits and removed the glue that was clogged round them, then I covered their base in PVAcrete to see them more securely to the base. I also repositioned the plastic bits so they were nearer the edge of the base to allow troops to move through, if they are 10 mm that is anyway.

Glued on with a hot glue gun, doesn't give a good finish though.

The whole join covered with sand and wood glue, PVAcrete. 

Finally painted black to fit in with rest of base. Its a more attractive join and its far stronger, just takes a while to do. Seven more to complete today. 


  1. Looks fantastic!

    My biggest wargame expenditure is the local pet shop. Aquarium stuff makes great alien world terrain :-)

    1. It does indeed every time, specially when they are dead cheap to buy ;-) When the rest are done tonight I will take a load of pictures of it all together.