Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bespoke Storage and Carry Case

A quick post detailing the start of my attempt to create my own bespoke storage system. I am so fed up with all the different ways I have of keeping my models secure. But transporting them is the one that really gets up my nose for some reason.

The army that has suffered the most is the Beastmen, last time I played with them several were broken, either because they lived in a series of inappropriate boxes or because they were damaged en-route.

So I have looked on line a bit, looked at what I already have and come up with a possible solution.
Basically I had a load of file boxes I used at work, which I had bought myself. So they will be the basic storage, which I will section up inside for different units/use. Then I have a larger packing box that 5 file boxes will fit in.

My aim is to fit everything and create a handle, decorate and make as strong as I possibly can, so that this box can become my permanent carry box. Here's what I have so far:

Could be a while before this is complete so don't hold your breath :-)