Monday 6 July 2015

Dark Elf Sorcerer

Before I played the last game of WFB I decided that I probably needed another sorceress, but this time mounted on a horse. I have 3 on foot, 2 on dark pegasus conversions, but non on horseback. So I got my bits box out and I took the last High Reaver I had mutilated and turned it into this Dark Elf.

I haven't really added any actual GS modeling to it, just lots of Dark Elf bits. When I first started with the Dark Elves they were all sculpted to be female. In other words I added a bust to every figure that didn't already have one. However in the later stages of the armies completion I got rather fed up with all the "bossoms" and so there are a few male, or part male units and this is one of them.


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    1. Cheers Riot appreciate it. Have just seen some blue bits tucked away from when it was a reaver. How come I never noticed them before I took the pictures doh! :-)

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    1. Thanks Phil, appreciate your comments :-)