Wednesday 1 July 2015

The Black Hat Emporium: The Dours

The Black Hat Emporium is run by the Dour family, with Malo being in overall charge of the day to day running of the business. Any big decisions are generally made by him. However Bak often has some say as to what should and should not be bought and for how much. Oa, being the youngest, is the muscle in the shop if anything goes wrong, although to be honest, not much does these days.

Malo Dour is a rather strange character with a height complex, he's spent too much time in the company of Dark Elves, so wears a set of stilts to give him that bit of extra umph. Bak Dour, on the right, and Oa Dour, on the left are his two sons, Bak being just a few years older.

Their mother, Frigg Dour, died quite some time ago under mysterious circumstances, while in custody with the Jaccio Guard. Malo has never forgotten or forgiven Agapanthus Lortia for his part in her death.

The Black Hat is ostensibly seen as a legal purveyor of goods, but everyone in Jaccio and beyond has heard the odd tale of illegal goings on, dodgy dealings or magical items fenced for specific buyers. The Dours have an uneasy truce with the Jaccio guard, which is presently working in their favour, but dwarfs, chaotic or otherwise, do not forget easily and the death of their mother means that they are always looking for a way to pay Agapanthus back.  

Oa still has to find his true place in the business, or whether his place is in the business at all. He often accompanies goods being delivered to other towns and cities, enjoying the freedom of life outside the shop.

Bak has spent many years studying magical items and can identify most objects which come into the Emporium. He has also become quite adept at casting the odd spell himself.

The three sheets I use to help play the NPC's I have in games. I also produce cards for the event deck, but these are not made yet. Will post later (not today.)

The models themselves are based on casts of old plastic Chaos Dwarf figures I made myself, they were not good casts (I do not possess the skills really) missing feet and hands and tops of heads. These bits I rebuilt from green stuff and used bits from my Dwarf bits box to supply; guns, books and the hand axe. Malo has a pencil for his hat with card added to the top and the stilts are made from matchsticks and GS. 

The Dours will have small part to play in our next adventure, and I hope the Black Hat will become a place they may visit often to sell items they might have gathered on their adventures.

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