Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Black Hat Emporium: Plans

In our next game of Quest, about to be played any day now, the adventurers have to break into the Black Hat Emporium in an attempt to retrieve the Casket that they had stolen during their bit of fun in the Windy Wharf Inn.

The owners of the Black Hat are a tight knit family, the Dours.
Malo Dour a well known Chaos Dwarf in Jaccio City and his two sons, Bak and Oa, have long bought and sold goods and items both legally and a little less so.

I've realised recently that it would be a lot easier to keep control of my special locations if I made drawings of them so that I can reproduce the models and how they should be set up. Here's a quick drawing from one of my sketch books.

I may also have to map the tunnels that exist beneath the shop, since they may well feature in further games. Luckily I will photograph these tunnels so that I have a record of what they look like.


  1. If only I could draw...and model and paint...as well as you! I envy your creative talent! Brilliant!

    1. Too kind Gordon, thanks for encouragement :-) much appreciated.