Wednesday 17 June 2015

ClashOTF: High Fences

For the battle report I did recently I wanted to make some specific terrain pieces for the game. Mainly a set of high fences to create the feeling of a compound area. These I made from a few lolly sticks as the base, matchsticks for the uprights and some rubber matting for the fence itself, I use this matting all the time, it was very cheap. Finally a few stones and a lick of paint and Oak stain, watered down 50/50.

I made 10 of them but may well need to create a few more in the future, but I will try to resist :-)


  1. Wow, really like these!
    I can't believe that I was sitting on all the materials needed for some simple fences, I hope it's ok that I steal this idea!

    1. Steal away fella :-) , I got the rubber non slip mat stuff from a cheap home furnishings shop, £1 for a couple of metres. Glad to be of help :-)