Saturday 20 June 2015

ClashOTF: Swarm Shoot

This morning I had an early start so got on with finishing off the Swarm 10 mm models (they are actually about 12mm) I have been making for about the last 3 weeks. So I couldn't resist taking a load of shots of them in action. Should be a game coming along some time soon.

Made the larger miniature, not sure what it is yet, some sort of bio-tank, from a GW Genestealer miniature all swopped about.

Craters are by GW, very nice but a bit flimsy for me, I'll be mounting them on board sometime soon.

I watched Starship Troopers so many times with my kids and played the game when I was a lad that couldn't resist setting up this siege.  Looking at it I am going to have to get the film out again and sort out a model of the base the Troopers actually defend in the movie.


  1. Looking fantastic!
    Your Swarm look like some sort of thing straight out of Dead Space. Yeurgh.. some of those troopers are going to have bad dreams after that fight :)

    1. Cheers Ivan, I thought they came out alright too, I have some slightly smaller warm miniatures on the way as well, the first 5 are made, just need painting :-)

    2. That would be Swarm not warm, although it is quite close here today :-)