Saturday, 20 June 2015

ClashOTF: Swarm Shoot

This morning I had an early start so got on with finishing off the Swarm 10 mm models (they are actually about 12mm) I have been making for about the last 3 weeks. So I couldn't resist taking a load of shots of them in action. Should be a game coming along some time soon.

Made the larger miniature, not sure what it is yet, some sort of bio-tank, from a GW Genestealer miniature all swopped about.

Craters are by GW, very nice but a bit flimsy for me, I'll be mounting them on board sometime soon.

I watched Starship Troopers so many times with my kids and played the game when I was a lad that couldn't resist setting up this siege.  Looking at it I am going to have to get the film out again and sort out a model of the base the Troopers actually defend in the movie.