Sunday 21 June 2015

Syracuse Empire Flagellants

Short post today, not feeling so good, Mick had 50th do last night, Congrats fella.
I have been working on these Greek miniatures from The Foundry for quite some time now, for two reasons. I've been putting them together to create an Ancient Greek Empire Army, themed around the idea of Syracuse and Archimedes/The Ten thousand. Also to use them in our games of Quest as the city folk of Jaccio. You may have seen some of the models below in the bar room fight at The Windy Wharf not long ago. In terms of WFB they are my core group of Flagellants which I hope to make into a horde in the end with some fillers to help.

I bought all these a very long time ago, but have only recently got them into shape, I am half way through building Steam tanks and other chariots as well as lots of spearmen/halberds.


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    1. Cheers Gordon, got to think of a suitable scene to make into a unit filler next.