Monday 22 June 2015

Bobbin Barrels

Was in the Range at the weekend and found this packet of wooden bobbins for £2.50 and couldn't stop myself from buying them. I don't often buy stuff like this I tend to look at them, um and er a bit, decide to carry them round the shop for half an hour, come to the decision I can make them myself and eventually put them back on the shelf. Well not this time, hell no!

Anything I can use in games of Quest to bring them to life a bit more, has to be a good thing.

It occured to me, after I had uploaded these pictures, that I had set out the Black Hat Emporium differently than last time, so I have decided to made a few drawings so that this kind of slap dash attitude toward fantasy gaming is not permitted to continue. I am disgusted with myself and can only apologise profusely :-)

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