Wednesday 3 June 2015

Five Parsecs: Crew of the SS Sulimann

After the last game the crew found themselves scurrying back to their shuttle, the Denis Denis, with Halo Jobes in tow.

Post game, it became clear that while not dead, poor Kassel would be out of the campaign for 8 more turns and permanently lose 1 from his movement. Kassel decided it was time the Sulimann had a permanent engineer on board and that he was the man for the job, Junke agreed.

I also threw a Captive roll on the Loot table, which indicated that Halo should become part of the crew, however it seemed that her psionic abilities had been much exaggerated, (isn't it always the way.)

At least the crew found out and not Unoleg and Plade, she may well have come to a sticky end at their hands. The crew quickly left Sarin wanting to keep a good distance between themselves and Oskar Unoleg.

So this is how the revised crew sheet looks at the moment. Currently mid "tunnel" en route to Liba.

Crew of SS Sulimann
Junke Bewley
A Trader from a peaceful Hi tech colony trying to discover the truth about Unity
Hand Gun
Glare Sword
Sharp shooter
Covering fire
Last gasp

Halo Jobes
An enforcer from a xeno-culture looking to survive after her entire family were kidnapped.
Hand Gun

Evasive Move
Psi- Instil Fear
Psi- Mystic Hand Wave

5 Havok charges
6 Dazzle Grenades
3Frag Grenades
Kratoom Kitaj
An artist from a lower class mega city seeking adventure.
Auto rifle
Sanctioned Alien
Psi- Manipulation

Vasily Barratt
A traveller from a frontier gang seeking fame.
Cling fire pistol
Old Fashioned Blade

Jazz Maskil
A punk member of a religious cult, seeking wealth.
Auto rifle
Unhinged rdm move 1D6 on event of 6

10 Alien Relics
Crew of the SS Sulimann – a retired troop transport. Shuttle craft: Denis Denis
The group met for mutual protection.
Kassel Leach badly injured freeing Halo Jobes, retired from duty, permanent engineer on SS Sulimann.

Patrons: Non at moment, mainly because crew ended up double crossing Unoleg on Sarin

Quests: Completed "The Unoleg Affair" but not satisfactorily.

Enemies: Oskar Unoleg and Plade on Sarin
                A punk gang also on Sarin
                A pirate gang on Dubhe

Junke Bewley

Kratoom Kitaj

Vassily Barratt

Jazz Maskil

Halo Jobes

 The Crew of the SS Sulimann.

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