Wednesday 10 June 2015

ClashOTF: Swarm Greens

Here are the greens of the Swarm aliens I will be using in my games of ClashOTF. I have really enjoyed making these, but have they taken some time, I recon an hour a day for the last week from beginning to end. Making very small blobs of GS to add little sections so nothing gets squished by my giant fingers!! Also my eyes have suffered staring at the little things :-)

Not quite finished as you can see, still have a lot of arms to do. But next time I post them they will be painted.


  1. Digging these a lot. Very unique look and definately conjures up the image of "the swarm" very well.
    Finding these dudes in an abandoned space station would be quite unpleasant.

  2. Cheers Ivan, think they will look OK when they're all painted.