Saturday 13 June 2015

Bix Molko: Unity Investigator

When I looked back on my recent posts it occured to me that I had not posted any pictures of The Unity Investigator Bix Molko. It was the last miniature I had modelled for my Unity force. In fact I was still painting it the day I played the game and had to wait for it to dry.  

Its made from the same basic frame as all the other models were built on. The pistol and the sword I created from cereal packet card glued into position, then a few details added with GS.

The main difference is he has a cloak on his back, down to the ground. 

I sort of saw Bix as an Inquisitor type character: now I've set myself off thinking that it would be fun to model a whole group of retinue miniatures as other heroes for the group. I have other projects I am involved in but I will definitely come back to this idea in the future.