Thursday 11 June 2015

ClashOTF: Smugglers on Sarin

As we pick up the action, Investigator Bix and his Unity force have, after spending 3 days doing recon on the smugglers camp, decided it was time to act as the character in charge had finally arrived (Plade.)  They prepared to move towards the camp. 

Overview of the camp.

Simple huts surrounded by a fence with four huge containers, containing what?

Pirate deployment.

The more observant of you may have noticed the absence of Investigator Bix on the above picture this was due to him still being painted for the game!

Plade is with the central group of Pirates.

Bix  with the Guard and Marine units.

Bix wins the first 2 initiative rolls and moves both units forward.

Rather than being stealthy Bix had in fact drawn a very clear line of sight straight to a Pirate unit. Their reaction fire failed to hit any of the guard. 

But the fire from the Guard unit killed 3 Pirates and left the last two with two Stress markers.
(No I don't know why I used the Orc heads as stress markers and the Greek shields as head down markers, ask my psychiatrist.) 

The scouts moved round the left flank.

I think Bix used his leadership to make the Guard fire a second time eliminating the Pirates.

Dark Elf faces represent deaths, at least that looks right.

Plade moves forward.

The guard unit move up and fire on Plade, causing a Heads Down and a wound which transfered to a 3" move away from danger on the Hero table.

The second Pirate unit turn up having won initiative and the fired on the Guard unit causing 4 kills and one stress marker.

They held the gateway to the Camp.

Bix could see the Wookees coming through the woods.

He managed to gun one down with his man stopper pistol (/Wookee stopper) 

The lone Guard fell back to be with Bix.

The Wookees decided that hand to hand might take out the Investigator and swing the battle in their favour.

Three got into base to base contact.

But Bix dispatched two, whilst being slapped by the third for no effect.

Having lost the combat, the 2 Wookees retreated 3".
Bix left them to it.

He commanded the Marines to close in on the Pirates at the gate who fired reactively on the unit causing a heads down. Four Marines fired back and killed 3 Pirates.

Then Bix used his leadership to get the unit to fire again and wipe out the last two Pirates.

Like all good villains, Plade took to his heals and left the compound.

The marines inspected the containers, they were not what they had expected.

Managing to win the initiative against all the odds the Wookees scamper off into the woods to lick their wounds.

Despite both Bix and the Guard shooting after them.

Whatever was in the containers...

It wasn't drugs or weapons as had been expected... 

It was alive!
In the next instalment we get to find out what the Pirates were smuggling into Sarin.


This is my first attempt at playing Clash on the Fringe and it was a solo game. I really found it quite fun but fraught, mainly because the PDF was on my PC, not laptop (as I don't have one) so I had to run upstairs each time I got stuck. I did have a sheet for each army, as per the previous post, and a few pages of tables that helped a lot. 
I did miss some reaction shooting a couple of times, but managed to do most retrospectively, so OK I suppose. Never threw a Grenade either, next game.
The very important thing I learnt was that Plade had a very poor Training score, but good Morale. Now when I was trying to make the two patrols of similar quality, I looked at Morale and not Training. Doh! By the second turn I was taking initiative test off the Pirates who had a higher Training value than Plade. Still it gave Bix an enormous advantage and meant that Plade really failed the Pirates. I will have to look at his set up before he plays again.


  1. Looks smashing! And don't worry about getting things wrong the first time. I wrote the damn thing and I get things wrong all the time ;)

    I took the liberty of sharing your blog on TMP, hope that's okay.

    1. Did I say that I thoroughly enjoyed the game, cos I did :-)
      No problem you can share it where you like, (ignorance showing) what is TMP?

    2. OK Got it, The Miniatures Page, its fine with me as I said :-)

  2. A good read, looking forward to the next installment!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it fella, will be a while though, I have a load of stuff to build :-)

  3. Great layout and battle report. I am going to put in more work on my models and painting, it does pay off in the resulting game. How does clash differ from 5 Parsecs in gameplay ? I've only just got the 5 Parsec rules and starting out in the fun.

    1. Cheers Ivor, there are lots of similarities with 5 Parsecs, but the main difference with Clash is that models have a stat line and use 10 sided dice to play. To be honest I've only played either game 3 or 4 times each, so probably not the best person to help :-)