Monday 1 June 2015

ClashOTF: Unity Marines

I worked on these yesterday, am trying to get two small forces together so that I can have a solo game of Clash. These will be my Unity Marines, to go along with the Unity Guard I posted a while back.

When these are all painted I will pit them against the Pirate force that I already have. Perhaps add the two tanks as they seem more Unity in nature.

Will need to make a leader for the Unity troops and perhaps a Psion as well.

I still have to give these a wash and colour the base so they link in with the Unity Guard.

In the pipe line are my version of Bugs/Swarm type creatures. I plan to make at least 20 of these basic miniatures, then some larger nastier horrors.

Have made all the frames and glued them onto bases, just the hard work of all the GS modelling.