Wednesday, 19 October 2016

KOW: Elf Army 2000 points

Here is the completed Kings of War Elf army I will be playing with at the club for the next few weeks until I am used to it. I have had 2 games so far and it seems to be going OK.

Some details of the bases.

2000 Elf Army

 Dragon Kindred Lord - Medallion of Life 
Elf Mage - Fireball 10, Inspiring Talisman, Heal 3
Elf Mage - Fireball 10, Bane Chant 2, Heal 3
Army Standard Bearer - War Bow of Kaba

Horde of Draken Riders - Blade of Slashing
3 Regiments of Stormwind Cavalry
Horde of Kindred Archers - Brew of Keen-eyeness
2 Bolt Throwers

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