Saturday, 22 October 2016

KOW Historical: Spartan 2000 pt Army

I have completed the first 2000 points of Spartans, can see myself having another 1000 in total from all the bits I have, will post pictures when they get finished. Really enjoyed putting these together, may be tempted to buy another 15 mm army if interest picks up at the club.

Skirmishers covering a horde of heavy spearmen.

Am using the peltasts as Krypteia (on the right)

Spartan Royal Guard.


King and 2 Ephors.

The whole 2000 point army.

Below the Krypteia.

Spartan Army

Spartan King
2 Ephors
3 Regiments of Spartan Royal Guard
2 Hordes of heavy spearmen
Regiment of Cavalry
3 troops of skirmishers
troop of krypteia

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