Sunday, 30 October 2016

KOW: Regiment/Horde of Trolls

Last night managed to put together/convert and base up and start painting my first regiment of Trolls for either the Orc or Goblin army as I have enough models to either.

Only one of the three is in its original position. I have made a very simple arm conversion on 2 of the trolls just to give some variety.

The original Troll model from Reaper Miniatures.

The second three 2 of which are cut ready to be converted.

Here they are glued, just used cheap superglue from pound shop.

The middle of the 3 will need some GS adding as it has a section of arm missing due to the conversion and it is rather noticeable. Rather like the middle miniature, looks like he's delivering a Stanley Kowalski line from "Street Car Named Desire." he just needs a vest. Actually now I look at them they could all be acting a line or two from the play :-) Very angry!

The whole horde of trolls together, still have a base to make from hardboard, but looking OK so far.

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