Monday, 26 June 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Pirate Ships Part 2, Me Hearties

Some shots of the 2 pirate ships I have been constructing for Ghost Archipelago when it comes out later in the year.

Been adding loads of details and trying to make both the vessels look different from each other.

The details were added, as you can probably see, using matchsticks, coffee stirers and cocktail sticks.
There are also quite a few lolly sticks in there too

Light fitment for stern of ship.

Shots of both the vessels together.

So what do you do about the unsightly corrugated bits of card showing? Use PVAcrete of course, a bit thinner than usual so it works into the gaps, 

Looks much better than the other above.

This is where I am with both of them now, still a load of details to add to the prow of each model and more details on the right hand model in general.

Finally it will be the masts that need adding, thought I was going to use old pencils but turns out I don't have any. So had to go and buy some dowel, cost me £2.25 from Wickes, it is the only thing I have had to purchase for this build, so still quite happy.

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