Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Dungeon Stackers: Frostgrave Applications

After having played with my new Stackers, see a couple of posts back, I thought I would see how they went together with my Frostgrave terrain.

So I set about setting up a few scenes to see if they would work and I recon they do. 

They give some much needed construction type terrain and I may have to create some more general blocks or stackers to add to the ones I have.

This is a 2 ft square board but not all the Stackers are on it so they have more to offer.

I like the little tombs you can create with them.

They work reasonably well with the other Frostgrave terrain I've made.

I had fun setting these out and it has also decided me to play Frostgrave more often, will be taking this lot to WWarriors some time soon.

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