Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Five Parsecs: Odi Santi Mission 3


The crew of the Odi Sante could feel the tension rising on Horst, they had begun to out stay their welcome, the authorities were beginning to take interest in them and they had hit two groups quite hard now, it was only a matter of time until one of them sort retribution.

Eema and Remi were stuck in sick bay recovering from their minor wounds and could not help to secure enough creds to get off world, so it was left to the rest of the crew. Max went on his own merry way and trained yet again to get another 0.5 added to his combat skill and while he was at the range he bumped into Mazhias Sen who was looking for employment. The crew had a new member.

Crew sheets above.

Timtuc6 and Darrsha pay a visit to Sal Bleng the patron they had worked for previously and he reluctantly gave them one last job.

He was having trouble with a large number of Punk gangs who were rallying round the martyred Punk icon  Markus E Smyth, they had even put up a ramshackle statue to honour him. Sal wanted it destroyed and the crew accepted the job.

The crew arrive at the old dilapidated park on the lower side of the city.

Near the statue a large group of punks were shooting up the fallen masonary and generally carousing with a few stolen beers.

The crew split their forces hoping the punks would clear off and save them the need for confrontation.

Eema, Max and Darrsha move off to the left.

Timtuc6, Remi and Mazhias to to the right.

The punks sing and continue to carouse.

In fact they look like they intend to sit under the statue all flaming night!

Eema and team one continue to work their way round the back staying out of site.

Remi and his compatriates do the same but Timtuc6 forgets just how big he is.

The punks spot him and are insulted by his presence, all shoot off their hand guns at him and fell him.

Remi, not really thinking shot back at the advancing mob but only managed to kill one, Mazhias still green behind the ears fails to hit anything.

Eema and her group are nearing the statue, covered by a huge wall, good positioning.

However in the reactions phase of the game all the punks got to move before any of the crew. To move the crew first I would have needed 1 or 2, disaster lurks.

As a result both Mazhias and Remi are downed by the punks.

However on the other side Eema, Max and Darrsha move forward, Darrsha fails to hit while Eema snipes one punk, but its Max with his hand flamer that makes a big hole in the punk lines, killing three.

This makes them take a morale check at the end of the turn and they fail badly, the three left alive running from the scene. 

With plenty of time left over Max lays the charges and the statue of Markus E Smyth is destroyed.

Post Game

Sal Bleng was more than happy with the resulting destruction of the statue and the crew gained some recreational supplies, which they sold making 3 creds.

Mazhias had a minor injury, no harm done.
Remi caught a leg wound losing him 0.5 from his speed.
Timtuc6 nursed a torso arm wound reducing his comat skill by 0.5.
Both will be in sick bay at the start of the next mission.

Above, Mazhias, Remi and Timtuc6.

 Above, Max, Eema and Darrsha, no injuries for these three.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a row about the inclusion of Mazhias's water purifier cash being added into the general credits but Eema managed to convince him to add it as it meant they could afford to leave Horst.

Cheers for reading :-)

Next Game: Return of the Alien Mercs 

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