Sunday 21 December 2014

A Nod to the Past

I made these quite a long time ago now, however I have only just got them back from the gaming group I had made them for. The group no longer exists and, very kindly, all the stuff I had given them was returned, mainly because it was either that or they would have been thrown away.

Now these models are interesting because it was by making these that had my first inkling that I might be quite good at making terrain. They led me on to making all the other models that you currently see on this Blog.

It was also the beginning of my love affair with making stuff out of rubbish destined for the tip!
All of these four buildings were made from the corners of photocopier boxes, old felt tip pens, cereal packet and PVAconcrete. So here they are in all their glory, if not for these I may never had begun making Warhammer Quest boards, furniture et al.

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