Wednesday 3 December 2014

Completed Cavern Corridors

Nothing like a bit of alliteration to draw the attention, anyway all the corridor sections are complete, painted and then treated with oak stain. Finished them about half ten last night. Look forward to using them in the future, but really don't want to make any more corridors for some time.

I think they will add another element to our games of Quest; either as complete cavern adventures or as side sections to both standard dungeon adventures or the forest Quest set I have already made.

Next in the cavern adventures hit list has to be , first finish the cavern rooms, approximately 6, second, a set of cards to use them. Could be a while with Xmas on the way.

Three of most of the boards, five straights and two dead ends.
Need more rock areas and then cards to control their use in play.

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