Wednesday 24 December 2014

The Windy Wharfe: Roof and Surrounds

I am still working away on the Windy Wharfe although it is making my head hurt a little. I have remodeled the roof and begun to think about where to place doors and how to build and position the windows. I am thinking that round windows may be the way to go, but those are very fiddly.

I have been making tiles for the outside of the Inn as well, but these are being made from cereal packet, doubled over to give more thickness!! Its all I have. So the floor tiles on the exterior need to go on first then I can seal the model with PVAconcrete and then we have the painting to consider!

I still have an awful lot to do on this project. I think the next time that I post about it will be when it is nearly finished. I have to clad the roof interior, put the stone work or wood on gable ends, put a chimney on, make the windows and then paint the whole thing. 

The main thing is I feel much more happy about the general design and look of the Wharfe. And as a result am far more likely to continue working on it.

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