Friday 12 December 2014

Cavern Concrete

A very quick update to let you know I am still making stuff. But not too much as I have a cold and feel rather sorry for myself.

However I have managed to edge all the caverns with a mixture of sand and wood glue, which |I love as it sets "rock" hard. Its like making concrete on a small scale. Very strong. I even decorated part of my garden wall with a pattern of the stuff, not expecting it to last even a few storms, but miraculously its still there!!!

So I use my PVA concrete on most of the terrain models I make.

The only problem is that I always make either far too much or not enough. Now not enough is not actually a problem, just a bit annoying, but making too much sends me scurrying, yes I can still scurry, for other projects that I need the PVAconcrete for, not good planning.

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