Tuesday 9 December 2014

Movement Trays

Have not had much time to make anything much today.

Spent a little time looking at our Quest characters as 3 of the 4 have gone up a level. Will have to produce an introduction to each when done.

Have also been re organising my Beastmen and making/altering the movement trays I had made for them. I realised that making huge 40 horde trays were just too unwieldy to cart about. So today I began cutting them down to two 20 man trays. these trays are made from the same hardboard I was given for free over a year ago. I line the edges with bamboo skewers then add some sand and glue before painting.

Unpainted horde tray cut in half.

This is how the final tray looks like, this one was actually made as a 20 Beast tray.


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