Thursday 18 December 2014

Gwendgoth: Witch Elf


Battle Level: 2                         Atts: 1                                   Wounds: 12                              Gold: 709

Equipment: Hook Blade, Healing Salve

Spells: Death Spasm

Skills; Frenzy, Dodge

Gwendgoth tends to be the leader of the group having a better initiative than Faroth. So often she takes the lead when it comes to movement and deciding who initiates combat in what position in any given room. Her biggest drawback is her lack of protection which means that at the moment Faroth is her protector much of the time. Frenzy is a useful skill giving her another attack and the hooked blade she carries gives her an extra 2 wounds when she successfully wounds.  
I intend keeping this record updated as often as I can, adding to it as I go along.

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