Tuesday 16 December 2014

Blackhead Bill: Ogre

Blackhead Bill

Battle Level: 1                          Atts: 2                                   Wounds: 16                              Gold: 2469

Equipment: Club, Hell Mace,

Skills; Escape Pit, Throw Warrior

Blackhead Bill is the muscle of the group and make no mistake, He can also be a complete nightmare however, because he is loud, more often than not, he causes multiple unwanted wandering monsters. Mostly just at the wrong time, this can really muck up the group. However in our last game it didn't happen even once, so will get shed loads next game no doubt. With Bill getting the Hell Mace last game I can see it being kept in his belt until the final objective room, where it could be put to good use, splatting someone.
I intend keeping this record updated as often as I can, adding to it as I go along.

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