Wednesday, 18 April 2018

City/Construction Vehicles in a Post Apocalyptic Earth

£10 later and I'm beginning to wonder what I'm going to do with these.

Some general car types. "City Racers"

Some heavy "Construction Vehicles."

Aah.... now I understand, Gaslands!

Yep I have been bitten by the Gaslands bug, all due to some idle chat over on the Facebook page for the WWarriors and a couple of reports watched by Guerrilla Miniature Games. Ee I don't know, easily led me.

These three are all made from the cheap cars I got from Sainsbury's today and the bits are mostly 40K weapon parts. The small scoop on the sports car below/above is from an Epic Rhino and there are some card parts to suggest extra armour.

I do have some white plastic mesh from Ikea that's up in the loft, think I might add some to the windows tomorrow before I start painting them. Probably not the truck though because the windows are so small, would be daft.

I glued the dumper part down, didn't want it waggling up and down during play!

With these three completed construction wise, I'll get them painted and wait to see what other people are doing at the club, could be fun with 4 people all playing together.

I will need to create some templates but I have some from the Gaslands site and intend cutting them from 3 mm MDF and painting tarmac grey, but not till next week now.

Will also make from cards for these three and pop them up once they are complete. Need to read some rules next.

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