Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Five Parsecs: 10 mm Sculpts

Since getting back into playing 5 Parsecs I have recognised the fact that I need more 10 mm miniatures to be able to play the game with a variety of different antagonists.

I also wanted to develop the idea of crowds of bystanders who may or may not get drawn into the game play. My thoughts were something along the lines of Gangs of Rome.

I have therefore started to sculpt some 10 mm minis that I can make molds from and cast for a variety of uses. I've not included arms as I want to add those later so I can go for lots of variation and keep the mold dead simple.

This is where I am at the moment.

Basic armature, have posted stuff about these before. Here.

These are how they start, then I flesh out the legs.

Then the fun bits, all the little details.

I have to mention Luke' APS here as he is really sponsoring this project as he has given me a load of GS to sculpt with, so cheers Luke :-)

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