Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Gaslands: Meet the Gang

I completed the first three cars I am going to be using as my team. 

I've gone for a car, performance car and a pickup truck. Have yet to decide on the weapons but there will have to be a flamer thrower on the truck.

Never painted cars before, a few tanks, but not toy cars, so this was fun and different for me.

Death and Night and Blood are the three vehicles names, they race for team Raven: if you are familiar with the band, The Stranglers, you will get the references. 

This may well not be the best terrain to play on but it was all I had to hand as I have been moving stuff about in the loft and could't get to the sci-fi box.

Have made some dice for myself and am in the process of creating the needed templates. Will post when all complete.

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